Packaging a jQuery Plugin with Bower


The guide shows (whoever) how to pacakge a plugin (whatever) for Bower. It assumes that a jQuery Plugin exists and has been setup for jQuery Plugins (for a guide to setting up a plugin see: A Rubyist Guide to Creating jQuery Plugins).


Bower is a package manger for CSS and JS (front end assets). It is extremly simple to integrate with an existing plugin. First install NPM and Bower:

brew install npm
npm install -g bower

Next add the following files to the project:


  "name": "gridly",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "main": [ "./javascripts/jquery.whatever.js","./stylesheets/jquery.whatever.css" ],
  "dependencies": { "jquery": "latest" }


git add .
git commit -m " bower"
git push origin master
bower register gridly git://