Kevin Sylvestre


A Ruby ray tracer for rendering graphics.


A React component library for using Bulma.


A Ruby rack server built using sockets, threads and a CLI.


A Ruby testing framework built for examples, contexts and a CLI.


A Ruby enigma machine (rotors, reflectors, plugboard and all).

GraphQL Sources

A collection of common GraphQL loaders for Ruby on Rails.

React Active Storage

A React hook for uploading files to Rails Active Storage.

Bun CircleCI Orb

A CircleCI orb for installing Bun for building and testing projects.

Deno CircleCI Orb

A CircleCI orb for installing Deno for building and testing projects.


A Rails gem for uploading files to Amazon, Google or Rackspace.


A Rails gem for creating rich forms with minimal markup.


A Rails gem for converting errors to human readable forms.


A Ruby gem for generating UUIDs and GUIDs cross platform.


A Rails gem for serializing settings with types and defaults.


An iOS and Mac pod that adds enumerables, parsing, and more.


An iOS and Mac pod for listing countries and regions.


An iOS and Mac pod that eliminates duplicate for callbacks.


An iOS pod that simplifies tables and collections.


A Bash script for setting up development environments.

jQuery Age

A JS library for formatting and counting dates in a friendly form.

jQuery Carousel

A JS library for browsing images in a photo carousel.

jQuery Gridly

A JS library for reording and resizing of elements on a grid.

jQuery Growl

A JS library that enables growl style notifications.

jQuery Lighter

A JS library for full screen image browsing and zooming.

jQuery Modal

A JS library for scrollable and static modals.

jQuery Observer

A JS library for throttled observing of form changes.

jQuery Spin

A JS library for generating imageless vector spinners.